About Us:

The A’van Club of Australia Inc. is a national organisation for the owners of “A-shaped” folding camper vans manufactured by A’van Campers Australia Ltd. The club was started in May 1999 in a home garage in Melbourne and there are now about 1,000 members vans from all parts of Australia.

The main purpose of the Club is to:

share ideas of common interest and mutual benefit;
encourage and foster friendship and co-operation amongst people interested in A’van folding caravans;
collaborate with other similar clubs and organisations;
hold meetings, lectures, demonstrations, outings and competitions for the furtherance of members’ interests;
engage in fund-raising activities for the bona fide purposes of the Club;
encourage all members while participating in Club activities to act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and in accordance with the law;
provide and maintain a website for both non-members and members..
The club executive publishes a national newsletter (The A’vanner) twice a year, organises an annual Australia-wide National Gathering and AGM. The first National Gathering and AGM was held at Echuca in May 2000 where 105 vans attended. Subsequent National Gatherings have been held as follows:

the second at Pambula Beach, NSW, in May 2001 (150 A’vans);
the third at Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley, SA, in May 2002 (171 A’vans);
the fourth at Yarrawonga, Vic, in May 2003 (186 A’vans);
the fifth at Coffs Harbour, NSW, in April 2004 (243 A’vans);
the sixth at Pambula Beach, NSW, in April 2005 (235 A’vans);
the seventh at Nuriootpa, SA, in April 2006 (210 A’vans);
the eighth at Swan Hill, Vic, in April 2007 (223 A’vans);
the ninth at Busselton, WA, in May 2008 (225 A’vans),
the tenth at Coffs Harbour, NSW, in May 2009 (284 A’vans);
the eleventh at Adelaide, SA, in May 2010 (263 A’vans);
the twelfth at Maroochydore, Queensland in May 2011 (251 A’vans);
the thirteenth at Alice Springs, NT, in April 2012 (202 A’vans);
the fourteenth at Pambula Beach, NSW, in May 2013 (225 A’vans);
the fifteenth at Warrnambool, Vic, in March/April 2014 (208 A’vans);
the sixteenth at Longreach, Qld, in May 2015 (220 A’vans);
the seventeenth at Renmark, SA, in May 2016 (270 A’vans);
the eighteenth at Denmark, WA in May 2017 (178 A’vans);
the nineteenth at Casino, NSW in May 2018 (237 A’vans),
the twentith at Yarrawonga, VIC in May 2019 (237 A’vans)
The twentyfirst National Gathering and AGM was to be held in May 2020 at Alice Springs, NT. Cancelled due to Covid19 Restrictions and Border Closures.
The twentyfirst National Gathering and AGM will be held in April/May 2021 at Coolum in QLD.

The National Gatherings provide a wonderful forum to meet old friends and to make new ones – and to have a very enjoyable time discussing recent trips and making plans for future travel.

Each State has its own regional group of members who meet on a regular basis at various times throughout the year at different caravan parks and locations. These small group gatherings (enthusiastically supported and encouraged by their own Coordinator) throughout Australia are really the ‘grass roots’ of the Club where so many new and lasting friendships have been made – and are being made.

The Club also has an Australia wide Solo Travellers Group that caters for permanent or (at the time of travel) temporary solo travellers. This Group meets twice per year – once at the AGM/National Gathering and once generally in November.

Would you like to join the Club? Click here for further information and an online application form.