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We've fallen for them all!!

Have you ever spent what seems like an eternity getting you're A'van precisely where you want it on site, and the car parked neatly beside it, only to realise that it's leaning to one side because you've forgotten to check the lie of the land and set up the compensating leveller blocks?

Have you ever backed into the cold water tap strategically situated at the back of the site right in your blind spot?

Have you ever got your A'van well positioned under the shade of a nice big tree only to find later in the stillness of night that there's a scratching sound as the overhanging branches touching your van move in every puff of wind? Oops!!

Have you ever been inside your van after completing the setting up procedure to suddenly feel it lurch backwards or forwards off the leveller block because you've forgotten to pull on the handbrake and chock the wheels?

Have you ever driven off over your wheel chocks?

Have you ever unhitched to have you're A'van run into the back of your car because you've forgotten to pull on the handbrake?


Have you ever been some hours down the track only to find that you've forgotten to cash in your amenity's key from the last caravan park?

Have you ever been alarmed to find that you've just travelled the last 100+ km with the gas turned on at the bottle?

Have you ever finished setting up in just the right spot only to find your cold water hose or power cord was too short to reach the connection point?

Have you ever forgotten to lock a cupboard door only to find sugar mixed with jam, instant coffee and sauce on the floor of the van when you reached your destination?

Have you ever pulled into the last available site in a park only to find the one remaining power outlet was out of order?

Have you ever ignored the warning signs of approaching weather to find yourself getting out of bed in the early hours to pull down the awning in a howling gale?

Have you ever burnt yourself on the stove cover because you'd forgotten to turn off one of the jets before putting down the cover?

Have you ever set your campfire in a position such that the smoke is continually blown right into your A'van by the prevailing wind?

Have you ever stopped to ask for directions only to find the turn-off you wanted was just 200 metres further down the road?

Have you ever got your A'van bogged on your front lawn?

Yes, we've fallen for all of the above, but there's a few things we haven't fallen for yet—nevertheless there's still time!!! Such things as:

Driving off a site with the power cord or water hose still connected.

Driving off with the jockey wheel down.

Having to pick off bits of decomposed "roadkill" from the underside of the van.

Leaving the stabiliser winder at home.

Driving out of a caravan park and noticing our washing still flapping away on the clothesline in the park.

It's rather embarrassing to realise that the "fallen for" list is so much longer than the "not fallen for yet" list! On the other hand perhaps we're venturing into the great unknown of what we're yet to fall for!

Anonymous (for obvious reasons)

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