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Food Safety

What you cook can make you crook

You're in control of food and safety if you


Food safety tips:

Each year, there are an estimated 5.4 million cases of food poisoning in Australia!

Of those, around a third are thought to be caused by food handling mistakes in the home.

You can prevent food poisoning by following the four tips:

> clean

> cook

> chill

> separate.


> wash hands with soap, rinse and dry thoroughly before starting to cook and after handling raw meats or vegetables with visible soil.

> wash and dry chopping boards, utensils and work surfaces after preparing raw meats.

> use thoroughly cleaned chopping board, utensils and crockery for food that is ready to eat such as salads and food that will not be cooked or heated before being eaten.


> cook chicken, minced or boned meats, hamburger, stuffed meats and sausages right through until all juices are clear.

> defrost frozen poultry and rolled and stuffed meats thoroughly before cooking.

> always follow cooking instructions on packaged foods.

> reheat to steaming hot before eating.


> keep your fridge at 5 degrees Celsius or below.

> Keep perishable food in the fridge.

> refrigerate hot food as soon as it stops steaming.

> refrigerate leftovers promptly.


> keep raw meat and poultry from touching other food.

> keep raw meat and poultry in the bottom of the fridge or in a sealed container so it can't drip onto other food.

> cover all stored food.


If you are sick, ask someone else to cook

Control temperature during storage.

Keep food hot > 60 degrees Celsius or above,

Or cold < 5 degrees Celsius or below.

Food poisoning is caused by bacteria and viruses in our food. Viruses and some bacteria just need to be present in the food to make you sick. Cooking food properly kills them but is important to prevent cooked food becoming contaminated again. Some food poisoning bacteria need to grow in food to cause illness and can multiply between 5 and 60 degrees. Keeping perishable food below or above these temperatures can prevent bacteria growing.


¦ Keep food hot: 60oC or above


¦ Food poisoning bacteria can live a multiply in

¦ foods with temperatures between 5oC and 60oC



¦ Keep food cold: 5oC or below



By following these simple tips, you can make sure that you, and the people you cook for, are safe from food poisoning.

For more information about food safety:


Contact the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand on

02 6271 2222 or e-mail to info@foodstandards.gov.au

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