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Have a listen to the tune at this youtube clip Shimmy Like My Sister Kate.
They sing an introductory verse to a different tune, so keep listening till you get to the words
"I may be late but I'll be up to date if I could shimmy like my sister kate "

A big part of this song is played with just 2 chords, D7 and G, but it starts off and ends with what looks like a complicated chord sequence. It really is quite simple to play, but sounds great. It is something a bit impressive you can play when trying the ukes in your local music shop.
Ignore the chord names for a while, and just learn where to move the fingers.
When muscle memory kicks in and you have the changes under control,
play 2 strums for each chord.
You can download the words and chord names from the Ubeautukes site.

Good Luck.

C6.jpg C6, the first chord could not be simpler. . .NO fingers, just the open strings.
For this chord sing "I may be ..."
C#dim.jpg C#DIM.png(C sharp diminished)
For this chord sing "..late but I'll be ...'
Don't be alarmed by the name of this chord. You do not need to know the theory in order to play it. You can follow that up later if you like. Let's play first.
Play this as shown using you 2nd and 3rd fingers. You will see why in a moment. . .

G6.jpg G6 (G sixth)
For this chord sing "..up to ..."
This is found by just sliding both fingers up one fret. Pretty easy.
E7.jpg E7.png
E7 (E seventh)
For this chord sing ".. date if I could ..."
Here is why the previous 2 chords are played using your 2nd and 3rd fingers! It means your first finger is automatically ready to be put in place
on the top G string, first fret, to play E7.

A9-2.jpg A9 (A ninth)

A9.pngFor this chord sing "..shimmy like my ..."

Now we need to think a bit, but just a little bit.
Keep your 3rd finger where it is on the 3rd fret of the A string.
Move your 1st finger across/down to the next (C) string on the same (1st) fret.
D7 (Hawaiian).jpg D7 HAWAIIAN.png
For this chord sing "sister ..."
D7 (Hawaiian D seventh)

This one involves a complete re-arrange of the fingers, but should not be too big a problem. (*Note this chord is formed using your 2nd and 3rd fingers) The 3rd finger moves across/up to the same (2nd) fret on the E string. At the same time your 2nd finger moves to 2nd fret, on the G string.

G-2.jpg G.png
Almost there. The last chord is a G.

This is a little triangle as shown. This is another complete re-arrange of the fingers, but 'G' is such a common chord, you need to be able to get to it automatically

For this chord sing "..Kate..."
Just one more step, which is a repeat of this progression from the 'E7'.

In other words, play to here then play: E7 A9 D7 (Hawaiian) G

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