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Chords for 'Five Foot Two"
A Pre-Metric Song (5'2") Five Foot Two!

Why not try 'Five Foot Two'? This may help you get through it a bit more easily.

The chord sequence is C E7 A7 D7 G7 C. If you are comfortable with these chords already, that is FABULOUS, so just go ahead and play it and ignore all the rest of this. However, if these are a mystery, or you are having trouble getting from one to the other, the following might help. I hope so. I am experimenting with ways to explain things. Change to the next chord as the BIG PRINT WORDS come around in the song.

C.jpeg C.pngFIVE

We start off with a C.
Use your 3rd finger on the 3rd fret.

To get to the E7, use your 3rd finger as the 'lead'. Slide down to the 2nd fret, then position your 1st and second fingers for the rest of the E7 IMG_1923.jpeg E7.pngEYES
From E7 to A7 is a breeze.Your 1st finger is E7 the 'lead', and simply has to move to the second string, same fret.

IMG_1924.jpeg A7.pngOH

This pic isn't great, but the chord is just one finger on the first fret, 2nd string)

A7 The 1st finger is the 'lead' again. It makes a 'bar' (red arrow) on the second fret. The 3rd finger completes the D7 on the 3rd fret (red dot). (Note the 2nd finger can add a bit extra pressure on the bar finger to help get clear notes.) This chord can also be played using just the 2 blue dots. This is known as the 'Hawaiian D7', much easier to play, and just as effective in most cases.

IMG_1925.jpeg D7.pngANY..

To get to the old friend, 'G7th' . . . Slide your 3rd ('lead') finger down to the 2nd fret, your 1st finger to 1st fret. second string and 2nd finger on 2nd fret on 3rd string, i.e. The "Common" or 'Garden" G7.(If you use the Hawaiian D7, this move will be different. Use you 2nd and 3rd finger to form the D7 and these 2 fingers only need to be moved sideways, one string each, then your 1st finger should be in place for the last note in the G7 chord)

IMG_1927.jpeg G7.pngSEEN

G7th and back to C.
C.jpeg C.pngGAL

The middle section follows the same pattern too, so we know it all when we learn the first bit.
Good Luck!

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