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Thanks for beingwilling to have a go ata bit of ukulele playing.I hope you enjoy it.It can be great fun.Child' play!

Not knowing where everyone will be starting from, what follows may be too much or too little.
If you have never played an instrument before the tunes (below) should get you started fairly quickly.
If you have played something before, you will probably get through these tunes quickly and be looking for
a bigger challenge. However, if you can aim to learn, at least, the same basic sets of chords then hopefully we will be able to play along as a group when we get to LONGREACH.
If you can possibly find a local ukulele group or a friend who plays, your progress will be so much quicker. There is nothing like playing with others to get a bit of inspiration.

I highly recommend the 'Doctor Uke' website. It has a 'Beginners' section which gives not only chords and words for the songs but if you need it, an audio track for each that you can play along with. (I would suggest that this is a good idea)
You will also be able to tune your instrument.
(Tuning is G C E A ..see: http://www.doctoruke.com/songs.html.)
You will find the tuning notes at the start of the list of songs. The nearest string when holding the instrument is 'G'. (Your left hand forms the chord shapes, the right hand strums)

Here (below) are a couple of songs to get you started. They are taken directly from Beginners - Doctor Ukewww.doctoruke.com/beginners.html

Mike Jackson has a couple of beginner uke books which you can check out at this site. http://www.mikejackson.com.au/ukenplay.php
Part of his site which could help you is just above the song list on his main page, click on "Mike' Instant Play Ukulele Method" and "Helpful Hints for Beginner Ukulele Players". What he says sums up things for beginners really well. I hope it will encourage you all to keep at it.

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