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Day 7 Friday 29th  March 2019

It was quite warm early in the day but by lunch time it was extremely windy and very stormy. 


Photo 1 – Yarrawonga Weir


Photo 2 – Birds of a feather, flock together

I’m told that last night’s Trivia was extremely well organised and lots of fun.  There were about 160 in attendance.


Photo 3 – Joint Trivia Winners (Photo courtesy of Jan Hodgson)

Last year all the ladies with the first name of Carol or a variation of the name gathered for morning tea.  Once again they met this morning.  Have they decided on a collective name, yet?


Photo 4 – All the Carols (Photo courtesy of Carole Brun)

Deidre Vanderveer has stuck a copy of the recipe for her winning dessert “Slow Cooked Sticky Date Pudding” on a window in the Camp Kitchen.

Nothing was officially organised for today so we were free to do as we pleased.  Some opted to do a Winery Tour, others chose the Farm Gate Tour and almost 60 A’vanners boarded a paddle steamer for a cruise of Lake Mulwala. 


Photo 5 – Waiting for the bus!


Photo 6 – They’re here!


Photo 7 – Byramine Homestead Food Tour (Photo courtesy of Dave Wilkinson)

The skipper of the Paddle Steamer told us that normally when confronted with a weather forecast such as they were today, the cruise would have been cancelled but because there were so many of us they didn’t want to disappoint us.  He went to great lengths to keep us out of the wind and although most of our salad vegetables were blown overboard, it really wasn’t too rough. None of us regretted going on the cruise despite the blustery conditions and I guess the fish were grateful for the extra food.


Photo 8 – Boarding the paddle steamer


Photo 9 – Not more A’vanners


Photo 10 – Colin and Margaret Brown (WA)


Photo 11 – John Eurell (Qld) and Col Perry (Qld)


Photo 12 – Val and Ray Mulhearn (NSW)


Photo 13 – It was windy!

We arrived back at the park just before it started raining heavily but those who went on the bus tours had to brave the elements. In fact the A’vanners who went on the Farm Gate Tour even experienced hail.

Each group held their own Happy Hours this afternoon.  The South Coast Group took the opportunity to celebrate the 150th birthday of Anne Olinsky and Grahame Peck.


Photo 14 – Grahame Peck and Anne Olinsky (Photo courtesy of Dave Wilksinson)


The Uke group just keeps getting bigger and bigger and better and better.  There were two empty chairs in the front where Don and Meredith East used to sit.  Don and Meredith were keen enthusiasts right from the formation of the group but unfortunately they no longer have an A’van     


Photo 16 - Ukes


Photo 17 - Ukes


A Brief History of Yarrwonga continued

1994    Yarrawonga was absorbed into a newly formed Moira Shire.

            The Shire of Moira was created in November 1994 with the amalgamation of the former shires of Cobram, Nathalia, Numurkahm Tungamah (less the Katandra District) and Yarrawonga (less the Peedchelba District).

            Although there is some suggestion that the name was in honour of Lord Moira, the Illustrated Australian News of 1869 reported that the name was “corrupted by early explorers and surveyors” and was in fact MIRA, the name used by local Aborigines for the lake now known as Moira Lake which as to the west of Barmah Lake.  (4)

2006    First set of traffic lights. (1)

(1)        https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/yarrawonga-vic

(4)        https://www.moira.vic.gov.au/files/content/.../stage_2_-volume-2a_-_2007.pdf



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