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Day 5 Wednesday 27th March 2019

It was rather cool overnight and the temperature was as low as 6 degrees this morning but by lunchtime it was quite hot and the warm weather continued into the evening.   

As per usual the A’van Markets were very successful.  In fact I don’t think I’ve seen so many people congregating around the stalls.  Perhaps it looked more crowded because everyone was in the same venue.   


Photo 1 – See my pretty bag!


Photo 2 – Any takers?


Photo 3 – Decisions, decisions!


Photo 4 – Too much choice!


Photo 5 – Overview!


Photo 6 – Which one will I buy?


Photo 7 – Chat, chat!


Photo 8 – I bet my A’van is smaller than yours!


Photo 9 – Where’s my next customer coming from?

Unfortunately I haven’t received any details about the Bowls but I do have some photos courtesy of Noelene Houghton.


Photo 10 – Sausage Sizzle at Bowls


Photo 11 - Sausage Sizzle at Bowls


Photo 12 - Bowls


Photo 13 - Bowls


Photo 14 - Bowls

This year courtesy buses were organised to transport people between the park and Club Mulwala which was the venue for our group Dinner

When we arrived at Club Mulwala a reporter and a photographer from a local newspaper, “The Chronicle” met with those who had attended all twenty gatherings.  Apparently there will be a comprehensive article about our visit to Yarrawonga in the next issue of the newspaper. 


Photo 15 - Those who have attended all 20 gatherings. 

I’m not sure how many people attended the dinner but I think the number would have been in excess of 400.  One can’t help wondering what it is like in a kitchen that has to feed so many people but everything from our perspective seemed to go smoothly and all the waiters and waitresses were very pleasant and efficient.  The Club had bent over backwards to accommodate our needs.  They even had produced specialised menus.  Good company, good food and good music!  What more could we want?


Photo 15a – A’van Dinner Menus

Since it was the 20th Anniversary Dinner, Joan and Brendon Smith were asked to speak briefly about the formation of the club and Jeff and Marion Baardwyk about the original concept of the folding A’van.  Jeff stunned us all by donating $10,000 towards the cost of the 21st gathering in Alice Springs on condition that he and Marion are invited to attend.  A proviso that our new President Dave Wilkinson instantly agreed to.


Photo 16 - Dinner


Photo 17 - Dinner


Photo 18 – Joan & Brendon Smith and Marion & Jeff Baardwyk


Photo 19 – Bev Smith (WA), Laurene Brimfield (Tas) and John Davis (Tas)


Photo 20 – Dave and Jannette Rial (NSW)


Photo 21- Bill McKeough (SA) and Valda Graham (Vic) who have attended all 20 gatherings. 


More photos of Days 3 and 4 courtesy of Cliff Hicks


Photo 22 - Klop


Photo 23 - AGM


Photo 24 - AGM


Photo 25 - Crowd at “Me and The Girl”


Photo 26 - A’vanner Don Parkinson also entertained us.


A Brief History of Yarrawonga continued

1926/7 Railway bridge across the Murray completed.

            The line was extended across the Murray River to Mulwala NSW after the   completion of a wooden railway bridge.  (3)

1932    Yarrawonga and Mulwala linked by road and rail (1)

1934    Work started on Yarrawonga Weir.  It was the site of a stock route. (1)

            The Yarrawonga Weir is approximately 1992 klms from the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia.  A hydro-electric generation facility which was commissioned in June 1994 raises the water level of the River Murray to allow diversion of water under gravity.  A secondary use of the Weir is flood mitigation.  Water can be released before the arrival of flood waters to help level out the flood peek and to reduce the flood affects downstream.  A unique feature at the weir is the fish lift which is located adjacent to the power station. (6)   

(1)        https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/yarrawonga-vic

(3)        https://www.seaaustraliamemories1943-51.weebly.com/unusual-bridge- explained.html

(6)        https://www.seaaustraliamemories1943-51.weebly.com/yarrawonga.html

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