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Day 3 Monday 25 March 2019

What a difference a day (or two) makes!!  From sweltering in the sun to freezing just for fun.  That’s probably a slight exaggeration but the weather is fairly cool.  We all donned our winter woollies for our Street Breakfasts and although rain threatened it didn’t eventuate but it wasn’t long before the wind came up and everyone began battening down the hatches.


Photo 1 – 4 Street Breakfasts

It was suggested by Dave Rial that the furry friend I won last night at Crazy Whist might have escaped from Ken Greenwood. Perhaps the video camera’s muffler is in reality a relative of the Denmark and Casino rodents and is travelling in disguise. 


Photo 5 Ken Greenwood and his video camera

Klop once again attracted lots of players and many spectators.  An advantage of having the Klop adjacent to the marquee (half the hiring cost was donated by the Yarrawonga Holiday Park) was the fact that people didn’t have to carry their own chairs to the venue and there was plenty of protection from the elements.  John Bromley and Gerry de Pont were the ultimate winners of Klop.


Photo 6 Klop


Photo 7 Spectators at Klop


Photo 8 Estelle & Brian Eden and Bernie Toomey at Klop

There were only nine Open Vans this year.  I doubt that there is one A’van on the road that hasn’t had some form of modification.  Perhaps long term owners need to be mindful of the fact that new A’vanners may be interested in these modifications no matter how minor they are.  eg., the provision of hanging space by placing a telescopic tent pole between the locking devices of the roof.       

There were about 180 people at the Technical Services Open Forum.  Six companies (Top Level Communications – Clint Cooke, Redarc – Tim Chivers, Herma Maps (Emprise Group) – Justin Gill, Purple Line Movers – Stewart Lofts and Savvy Technical Solutions – Patricia and Karen Howe) were represented and all six have donated prizes to our club. The representatives seemed happy with the response and generally sales were good. 


Photo 9 Tim Chivers (Redarc) addressing the Tech Forum


Photo 10 Audience at the Tech Talk

By the time Happy Hour came it was rather windy and quite cold.  I doubt whether many people had late nights.  I suspect that most will have sought the warmth of their van.  

A’van Tip:  If your partner complains that you are carrying too much in the van simply point out to him or her that your hairdryer is multifunctional.  It can also be used to blow the leaves from your mat.  


More photos from Day 2.

Courtesy of Cliff Hicks.

Photo 11 Branch Meeting


Photo 12 Sleeping Committee


Photos 13 – 15 Erection of the Marquee


Photo 16 The Marquee


Photo 17 A’van Bags


Photo 18 Yarrawonga Bags


Photo 19 Joan Smith and Lily Lawrenson at Registration



Photo 20 Welcome Happy Hour


Photo 21 President Les addressing the multitudes

Courtesy of Dave Wilkinson.


Photo 22 Welcome Happy Hour


Photo 23 T-bone or Tyrannosaurus, Eddie?


A Brief History of Yarrawonga continued

1874    Sufficiently important to warrant a court house and the opening of a post office. (1)

1875    Second survey carried out and first pub opened. (1)

1878    Shire of Yarrawonga created. (1)

1883    First edition of the Yarrawonga Chronicle and Riverina Advocate published. (1)

1885    2 banks, 4 hotels, 3 churches, school, newspaper and 2 flour mills. (1)

1886    Railway from Melbourne. (1)

1888    Court House completed. (1)

(1)        https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/yarrawonga-vic


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