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Day 5 Friday 4 May 2018

Today the weather was absolutely delightful. I believe that the washing machines were working overtime and some people had their washing on the line well before 6.00 am.

Rick Houghton who led the A’van Walk yesterday said that he was a bit worried that he left the park with over 100 people and only returned with 5.  Let’s hope that all the others found their way back to the park, although I haven’t heard that anybody was missing.

I’ve also included some more photos relating to events earlier in the week.  They are pretty self explanatory but although one of the craft photos is a little indistinct I’ve included it because it demonstrates the intricacy of the work. It is a form of decompage whereby the basis of the item is an old lens from disused eye glasses.  Barbara Chapple always brings such wonderfully innovative and creative ideas to our gatherings.

Many thanks to Cliff Hicks and Ron Dean for the following photos.

Men’s Shed – Cliff Hicks

Craft – Cliff Hicks

Craft (Lens) – Cliff Hicks

Dinner 2 – Ron Dean


John Gosbell Bike Ride – Grahame Keast

I had to laugh when I heard Grahame say the most important rule when cycling is to “return alive”.  After identifying a number of other very serious issues one wag asked if there was a recovery vehicle.  Grahame also said he had a map in his back pocket ‘just in case”.

What is the collective noun for a group of bikes (not bikies)?  An assembly?


Par 3 Golf – John Bromley

When I asked John to write a report for me last night he said that he would dictate it to me there and then.  “John Bromley organised the golf and John Bromley starred in the golf.  However as we know, things don’t always go to plan and John admitted that “it was probably the turps talking”.

Nonetheless, my thanks to John for the following report.

Some thirty players participated in our 18 hole par three course event.

The winner of the handicap golfer’s event was Roger Dutton (net 56) and the runner up was John Harker (net 57).  The winner of the non-handicap event was Rob Rowlan with a gross 85.   The runners up were Graeme Daw, Peter ? and Martin Hodgson, all with a gross 87.

Nearest to the pins 9th and 18th - Bev Thomas, 7th and 16th - Roger Dutton, 6th and 15th Bev Thomas (again), 4th and 13th - Paul Bowman (what a shot!!!), 3rd and 12th - David Knepp and 1st and 10th - Rob Rowlan.

A good time was had by all.      

What is an anagram of GOLF?


Purple Line Innovative Caravan Accessories

A representative from the above mentioned company demonstrated an e-go caravan mover.  Apparently the e-go Titanium is the most appropriate for an A’van. The cost is $1100.00 plus $450-$500 for installation.  This cost (minus installation) is the trade price and will be available to A’vanners for the next 14 days.   

e-go Caravan Mover


Open Vans

An A’van folding caravan is a handyman’s delight.  I once heard a guy say that he was going to have the only unique A’van in Australia because he had done absolutely nothing to it. The following modifications were not on display but as I wandered around the park I found them quite interesting.

Satellite Dish

Great Use of Space


Ukes, Sing-a-long and Campfire

As you know the formation of this group was the initiative of Tom McKendrick.  Unfortunately Tom and Lyn had to leave shortly after arriving in Casino because Tom’s mother passed away.  We extend our sympathies to Tom, Lyn and their family.

During the week I followed the sounds coming from the “little hangout” and came upon these three A’vanners practising for the big night.

Practising for the big night


Many thanks to Cliff Hicks for the following photos


The Ukes and Campfire attracted an enormous crowd.  I don’t think the campfire was the attraction because it was a very mild night.  Everyone seemed to be in fine voice.   


20th Century and Modern Casino

The first town hall was constructed in 1890.  Drainage, water and street lighting slowly followed and the town’s first sale yards were opened in 1916.  After World War I, Casino battled influenza and then widespread financial depression along with the entire nation.  Casino’s second town hall was opened in 1937 and the water supply was improved to accommodate the burgeoning population.  

Following World War II Casino celebrated the opening of a library service in 1945, an aerodrome in 1947 and a swimming pool in 1952.  The second Irving Bridge was washed away in a record flood in 1954 and the prosperity of 1960s and 70s saw a new high school and an expansion of residential areas.     

The official Beef Week which lasts for 12 days is held in May of each year.  It was first introduced in 1982.  The Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange is the largest saleyard in northern New South Wales.

In 1997, Casino officially became a sister city to Cassino, Italy.   

The Casino Municipal Council merged with Richmond River Shire Council (formerly Tomki Shire Council and Woodburn) in February 2000 to form Richmond Valley Council. 






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