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Day 7 – Friday 5th May 2017

It was quite warm overnight but shortly after 7.00 am it began raining and by 9.00am we were wondering what we’d do about our picnic.  Fortunately the skies started to clear and by lunchtime we were able to have an outdoor picnic to the extent that many of us were seeking shade.

At great expense to A’van Club of Australia Inc., Mickey Mouse was flown into Denmark WA in order to sign up Denmark Mouseketeers who will be starring in a film based on the antics of rodent sleuths.  Initially Mickey “spat the dummy” but after intense negotiations, an agreement was reached.  This could be bigger than “Ben Hur”!  Perhaps there will be a sequel in 2018.


Photo 1 – Mickey Mouse

This year there were a lot more prizes in the Raffle because all the vouchers pertaining to caravan park membership were included in the raffle rather than being given away at the Annual General Meeting.  The raffle made $2200.00 and the club will add another $300.00 from funds to this amount.    


Photo 2 – Gay and Malcolm Weir (aka The Flying Gerroan) (NSW) looking at the Raffle Prizes

 Except for the gathering in Alice Springs and until he took ill at the AGM  in Pambula in 2013,  Peter Stephens and his wife, Marie, could always be found at our A’van Markets each year.   Peter carved coins and Marie made a variety of craft items.  Some A’vanners are still wearing samples of Marie’s handicraft and almost all A’vanners have at least one piece of Peter’s work.  When Peter passed away, Marie donated the rights to the design of the A’van badge to the A’van Club of Australia, for which the club is eternally grateful.    


Photo 3 – Greg Teague (SA) selling A’van badges


Photo 4 – Carole Brun (Vic) selling raffle tickets

Sincere thanks to the A’vanners who have either fed me with snippets of information or provided me with photographs for the BLOG.  I couldn’t have done it without your assistance. 


Photo 5 – A’van Picnic


Photo 6 – A’van Picnic


Photo 7 – Those who have attended 18 AGMS – from left to right – Brendon and Joan Smith (Vic), Valda and David Graham (Vic), Bill and Judy McKeough (SA), Margaret and Rex Penfold (NSW) and June and Cliff Hicks (ACT)   


Photo 8 – Treasurer – John Bromley (Vic)


Photo 9 – Drawing of the Raffle


We are indeed extremely grateful to all the Sponsors especially Ocean Beach Holiday Caravan Park and Rivermouth Caravan Park for their generous hospitality as well as to the members of the Western Australian Group for their superb organisation.   And last but not least our sincere appreciation to the members of the National Committee. Without you, we wouldn’t be enjoying these wonderful gatherings.   

And all good things must come to an end!  See you in Casino in 2018!


Yalata Roadhouse continued

As an abandoned building, the roadhouse was subjected to break-ins and vandalism. Asbestos sheeting was damaged and exposed.  In November 2009, Yalata Community asked the South Australia Government to fund the demolition of the building (estimated to be in the vicinity of $400,000) but the Government responded that it was “not able to provide grants on the scale required” to demolish the roadhouse. (8)

From suspected radiation exposure to acknowledged asbestos contamination, Yalata has been a contentious location for over 50 years.   And today in 2017, the old roadhouse has not been demolished and still remains closed although there did seem to be some activity as we drove past on our way to Denmark.

(8) (www.papertracker.com.au/archived/yalata-demolition-of-old-roadhouse)

Head of Bight:  The nearby Head of Bight Tourist Centre (Whale Watching) is also on Yalata land and is held in trust by the Aboriginal Land Trust which is a South Australian statutory authority.

We’ve visited Head of Bight on a number of occasions and have always found it to be extremely well organised. The employees are very pleasant and exceptionally well informed.   There is a nominal entry fee and it is worth detouring to this facility.     


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