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Day 6 – Thursday 4th May 2017

Apparently the weather for the last few days has been unseasonably warm.  We awoke to a gentle breeze.  It was a bit iffy for a while but the sun won out and the day proved to be very pleasant.

About 15 riders participated in the John Godspell Bike Ride.


Photo 1 – Noeleen Delbridge


Photo 2 – Waiting to be recycled

and 116 A’vanners played Bowls


Photo 3 – A’vanners at the Bowls


Photo 4 – A’vanners at the Bowls


Photo 5 – A’vanners at the Bowls

Perhaps our “dearly departed” eastern mouse did have a travelling companion.    Last night there was an enormous furore in the camp kitchen.  Have you heard about the Denmark M“ouse”keteers?   One tiny mouse, two human beings and one rather large golf club.  So that the mice could be buried together, the second mouse was returned to its rightful owner.  I believe news of the fiasco has reached the ears of Hollywood and they have sent out Mickey Mouse to obtain the movie rights.  And the story goes on. . . 

. . . However, these very same A’vanners went for a walk outside the Ocean Beach Caravan Park this morning when they came upon a dark brown snake.   Another A’vanner was heard to say:-  What next?  A crocodile?

Photo 6 – Fore – Courtesy Kevin Mehl


Photo 7 – Anyone for a sandwich? – Courtesy of Kevin Mehl


Photo 8 -  Hung out to Dry? – Courtesy of Kevin Mehl

Apparently the operators (www.seasa.com.au) of the Ferry between Wallaroo or Lucky Bay and Cowell are offering a discount of 15% for travellers who book online between 15th to 31st May(daily).   A rough guide to the cost is $29 per adult, $30 per metre for your van and $140 for your car.   It cost one of our A’vanners $305.41 to cross from east to west.

It had to happen.  Only those who have been in the laundry will understand this story.  Which A’vanner carefully placed his clothes in the washing machine, his coins in the slot and then pressed the button for the dryer?   $4.00 “down the drain”!  Apparently he is considering “crowd funding” to recover his losses and has even offered me half the proceeds!

There was another session of the Fun Games and once again it attracted a large following.

Photo 9 -  Two of the most active participants at the Fun Games – Alan Mashman (NSW) and Crispin Travers (WA)


Photo 10 -  Jan Berriman (WA) and David Bourne (SA)


Photo 11 -  Crowd at the second session of the Fun Games

While the majority of us had beef and chicken for Dinner, one A’vanner had sole.  Or did he just lose his soul? 


Photo 12 -  At the second dinner – Courtesy of Bill Sampson


Photo 13 -  At the second dinner  – Courtesy of Bill Sampson


Photo 14 -  At the second dinner – Courtesy of Bill Sampson


Photo 15 -  At the second dinner – Courtesy of Bill Sampson


Photo 16 -  At the second dinner – Courtesy of Bill Sampson


Photo 17 -  Dancing at the second dinner – Courtesy of Bill Sampson


Photo 18 -  The Life and “Sole” of the Party – Courtesy of Bill Sampson

And for those who didn’t go to the dinner there was another session of the Wine and Cider Tasting.

Yalata Roadhouse continued

In the late 1970s, Yalata Community Inc., built a roadhouse alongside the Eyre Highway.   The roadhouse sold fuel and basic necessities as well as serving cooked meals.  It was also the main outlet for the sale of art and craft works produced in Yalata. For many years the roadhouse operated as a successful community controlled business providing employment and training opportunities for the local Anangu. (6)

From the late 1990s the management and governance of Yalata Community began to decline and this impacted upon the operations of the roadhouse.  In 2000 the roadhouse was leased to a third party but in February 2006, it ceased trading after the proprietor raised concerns about the safety of the building because it contained a large amount of asbestos. A subsequent assessment by Planning SA identified serious corrosion in the main structures of the building.  (7)

(6)  and (7) (www.papertracker.com.au/archived/yalata-demolition-of-old-roadhouse)

Yalata Roadhouse continues on Day 7


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